In order to best manage the increasing amount of online content created by TPS staff and students, the Online Learning Syndicate (2009) proposed that all school related blogs be created at one central site ( and all existing blogs be imported to this site. In this way the school community has easy access, through the school website, to online content created by TPS staff and students as part of its curriculum. To this end, the school has purchased an Edublogs Campus subscription which will remain ad free and have the capacity to host both teacher and student generated blogs.

Creating and contributing to blogs gives teachers the capacity to address specific Victorian Essential Learning Standards, at different levels:

At Level 4, students successfully upload their work to a protected public online space. Using recommended search engines, students refine their search strategies to locate information quickly. They evaluate the integrity of the located information based on its accuracy and the reliability of the web host.

At Level 5, students share their ideas through their blog, website or other public forums, which are correctly formatted, comply with ICT conventions and demonstrate an awareness of the characteristics that contribute to products meeting their purpose.

At Level 6, students exchange ideas and considered opinions with others through online forums and websites. Students apply techniques to locate more precise information from websites, including searching general and specialised directories, and applying proximity operators. They use accepted protocols to communicate regularly online with peers, experts, and others, expressing their messages in language appropriate to the selected form of communication, and demonstrating respect for cultural differences.